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List of main products of Trionic Group. Download datasheet and grouping by category.

CAN Display ModuleCANbus I/O
CANTilt ModuleComponents
DAC243AC Motor Controllers
DAC483AC Motor Controllers
Diagnostic Center DisplayComponents
EZcal GoTools
EZcal + / ProTools
EZcal MaxTools
EZdc DC ConverterComponents
EZfit Dual Angle TransducerComponents
EZlift130 and EZlift135DC Motor Controllers
Vehicle Management
EZLift300DC Motor Controllers
Vehicle Management
GP442CANbus I/O
GP450CANbus I/O
GP500Vehicle Management
Load Cell Interface ModuleComponents
MatrixCANbus I/O
P648DC Motor Controllers
Platform BoxCANbus I/O
Pressure TransducerComponents
RT Platform BoxCANbus I/O
RT93Vehicle Management
SEM300DC Motor Controllers
Vehicle Management
SEM600DC Motor Controllers
T160DC Motor Controllers
TS100 and TS200DC Motor Controllers
Vehicle Management
CAN Joystick I/O 
Mini I/O 
Quad H-Bridge